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Know Your Jargon: Fly Fishing

No matter what sport or recreational activity you find yourself learning, there will undoubtedly be some slang and jargon that at first pass won’t make any sense at all. It’s part of the learning curve. While some terminology is quite advanced, and the average novice won’t have any reason to understand its meaning quite yet, there are terms that even the freshest of greenhorns should learn right away. Fly fishing is no different. The following terms get bandied about in fly shops, in magazines, and in casual conversations along rivers and streams, and they are important to learn for a couple of reasons: They describe, or relate to, equipment that is necessary for fly fishing, They describe conditions that will...

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The 5 Things You Should Always Bring Fly Fishing

Around the world, at any given time, there are people standing around a fly shop, parked near a stream, or relaxing at camp arguing about what constitutes necessary gear while fly fishing. While it's true that each angler can decide for themselves what's necessary, there are a few pieces of gear that we believe should always be brought to the river.  Sunglasses: For more than just looking cool, sunglasses serve two purposes. First, they protect your eyes from the occasional fly that comes a little too close to your face while casting. Ask any old angler and I’m sure they can tell you about a guy they know who knows a guy who hooked their friend’s eyeball with a hook....

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Shop Talk: Southeastern Divers, Inc.

Founded in 1980, Southeastern Divers, Inc. has been providing divers in Alabama with equipment and training for 38 years. Southeastern Divers, Inc. is also one of the first 100 stores to carry WETSOX, and to highlight the first 100 stores we wanted to put a spotlight on Southeaster Divers, Inc (SDI). Learn more through our conversation with Greg Ogle, General Manager for SDI below: From left: Greg Ogle (GM of Southeastern Divers, Inc.), Jack Pounders (Owner of Southeastern Divers, Inc.), Jean Michel Cousteau and Dan Herema (both of U.S. Divers, now called Aqualung) at the 1986 Diving Equipment Manufacturers Association show.  Tell us the story behind your shop. Our shop is called Southeastern Divers, Inc., and it has been in business for 37 years....

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Meet Daniel Pierce, Tenkara Guide

Meet Daniel Pierce, Tenkara Guide Last month, team WETSOX was lucky enough to travel to Maine where we learned the art of tenkara – a method of fly fishing that originated in Japan – from one of the first tenkara guides in the US. Tenkara, for the uninitiated, is a very unique style of fishing, which many consider to be a simplified version of fly fishing. The rod is telescoping, there is no reel, and the casting motion is a simple up-and-down motion. With less gear to carry, tenkara has quickly become a favorite method of fishing for backpackers. After our weekend with Daniel, we wanted to learn more about this sport and what drives him to venture outdoors: Daniel:...

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Welcome to Abel Outdoors

WELCOME TO ABEL OUTDOORS From the beginning, WETSOX has stood as an idealization of our desire to get outdoors and do the things we love to do, without the headaches and frustrations we often run into with our gear. But WETSOX is simply a line of products. We wanted to create something that harnesses the power of our desire to get outdoors, while also consistently delivering the type of content that will make all of us better, go further, and step outside our comfort zone. It is with this idea in mind that we proudly introduce ABEL OUTDOORS the home for all of the content that will bring our outdoors ethos to life. Here you will find interviews with individuals whose...

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