Frictionless Gloves
Frictionless Gloves

Frictionless Gloves

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Our ultra thin, frictionless™ Original Gloves were designed to get you in & and out of your suit & exterior gloves in seconds. No more tugging. No more stretching. 


Use: First Gloves. Then Suit. (We get this question a lot)

Frictionless exterior allows you to slide in & out of any suit or boot effortlessly


Four-way stretch material fits your body like a second skin


Flatlock stitched to avoid 'seem rub'


Works with any wetsuit or boot (no need to size up)


Available in split or round toe


83% Polyester

17% Spandex



Rinse with fresh water after use, hang dry

1K mile guarantee: If you're not satisfied with the durability or performance of a product we'll repair or replace it for the life of the product. Guaranteed.