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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I use my WETSOX for?

A: You can use your WETSOX products with any suit and for any sport. WETSOX were designed by cold water surfers in Ditch Plains, NY- but are used by watermen all over the world. 

Q: How do I use WETSOX? 

A: WETSOX products are worn beneath your wetsuit and boots. That means they go on first. Many users slip on the socks before they leave the house, especially if they have to change into a wetsuit in a car or outside. The split-toe has been designed to work underneath all types of boots and the socks will assist you getting both into and out of your gear. More of a visual learner? Click here.

Q: What are WETSOX made out of?

A: WETSOX are made of a six-ounce premium Poly / Spandex blend, which offers a form fit and also delivers benefits from compression, including improved circulation which is super important on colder days. THERMS are made out of a proprietary Neo / Poly blend which adds 1mm of warmth beneath your boots.

Q: How are Originals and THERMS different?

A: WETSOX Originals are .5mm thick which makes them perfect for any day you'd use a wetsuit. WETSOX Thermals are 1mm thick, making them a great choice for colder days in and around the water. Lots of folks use THERMS to 'plus up' their boots or to extend the life of the boots an extra season if they have leaky seams or weak spots. 

Q: What is "passthrough technology"? 

A: Passthrough technology means water passes freely through the fibers allowing your feet to continue heating the water inside your boot. Think of it like 'breathability' with regular socks- but with water.

Q: How do I care for my WETSOX?

A: Rinse your WETSOX products with fresh water every time you get out of the water and then hang dry the same as you would your other cold water equipment.  Always hand wash, do not use bleach and do not iron as it can damage the product.

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