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    An advanced version of our WETSOX ORIGINALS, WETSOX THERMS add an additional +1mm of insulation beneath your boots, right where you need it most.

    It’s been said that getting in and out of a wetsuit and boots is the worst part of getting in and out of the water- especially when it’s cold outside. Enter WETSOX THERMS. Our products are designed to get you both INTO and OUT OF your wetsuit and wetsuit boots in seconds by eliminating the friction between you and your gear- with the added benefit of an extra +1mm of insulation where you need it most.

    Simply slide on your WETSOX THERMS, slip on your gear and get in the water. It's that simple. And if getting INTO your gear easily sounds pretty darn good- just wait until you slip right OUT of your gear after a long cold session and you can still feel your feet. Nice.

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    Serious Thread.

    Seriously flat stitch.

    Flat lock stitched so you wont feel a seam rubbing beneath your boots. Heavy gauge bonded nylon thread for stretch and durability.

    Made to match your boot.

    Surfers wanted split toe booties for maximum contour and control while riding. So of course they needed split toe WETSOX. Also fashionable with flip-flops.

    Sandwiched. Neoprene. Construction.

    Still form-fitting and four-way stretch, WETSOX Therms pack that extra 1mm punch beneath your boots to keep you warmer longer.

    *And no need to size up your boots.

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