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    Cut from the same cloth as our WETSOX ORIGINALS products, WETSOX GLOVES were created to eliminate the same friction and frustration a user would experience while getting into or out of thick, unwieldy wetsuit or drysuit gloves.

    Using the same friction reducing technology found in our ORIGINALS, WETSOX GLOVES allow you to slide through your suit and into even the most difficult to get on cold water gloves both quickly and easily.

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    Warmth without weight

    Hydrophobic poly blend means water passes freely through your WETSOX GLOVES, allowing your external gloves to warm properly while not carrying any extra water.

    Extended cuff

    Our extended cuffs help hold the gloves in place and form better seals. Flatlock stitching ensures you’ll feel no seam rub beneath your gloves / gaskets.

    Kevlar strong

    Seams on the body of the glove are created with a double stitched Kevlar thread for maximum durability.

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