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    Cushion. Compression. Warm wet or dry.

    WETSOX SNOW SOX were designed for the winter outdoorsman. Whether you’re snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling or just shoveling your driveway these socks were designed to offer extra warmth without getting overly thick- keep you warm wet or dry and like all WETSOX products get you in and out of your boots easier than ever.

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    Frictionless sock.

    Flat stitch.

    Our frictionless exterior fabric means no more hopping on one foot to get in and outta your boots or waders. Flat lock stitched so you wont feel a seam rubbing either.

    Wiggle room.

    WADER SOX offer three layers of fabric for maximum insulation with minimal thickness. That means- you’ll still be able to wiggle your toes in your boot. We also just wanted to say ‘wiggle.’

    Warm wet or dry.

    These form-fitting and four-way stretch WADER SOX sandwich 1mm of neoprene between their interior and exterior layers. That means even if you’ve got some leaky boots, your feet are gonna stay toasty.

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