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    Based on the tech from our WETSOX Originals, GLOVES were created to make getting in and out of a wetsuit even easier.

    Our WETSOX Originals and Therms have been helping watermen get in and out of their suits and boots for over 2 years now. We felt like it was time to make the process of getting in and out gear just a little bit easier. Using the same tech found in our Originals, WETSOX GLOVES will allow you to slide your arms in and out of your suit faster and easier than ever before. 

    GLOVES Features:

    • Four-way stretch fabric that forms to your hand, creating a frictionless barrier between you and your gear.
    • Work with almost any glove or mitten with no need to size up.
    • Have extended cuffs to create a better seal and stay in place.
    • Passthrough Technology ensures proper warming and adds an extra layer of insulation.
    • Fabric is 17% Spandex / 83% polyester

     Product Care Instructions:

    • Rinse with fresh water after use
    • Don't bleach or machine wash

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