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    An advanced version of our WETSOX Originals, SNOW SOX were created for days in the deep powder.

    The problem with wool socks is that once they get wet they lose their ability to keep your feet and toes warm. SNOW SOX solve this problem, and then some. Wet or dry, SNOW SOX will keep your feet warm in the deepest powder and the wettest slush. 

    SNOW SOX Features:

    • Four-way stretch fabric that forms to your foot, creating a frictionless barrier between you and your gear.
    • Made with three individual layers for maximum insulation and minimal thickness: surface layer is an 83% Spandex / 17% nylon blend, middle layer is 1.0mm neoprene, and the interior layer is 100% nylon.
    • Total thickness of SnowSox is a form-fitting 1.4mm.
    • Interior fabric wicks away moisture to help keep feet dry.
    • Have a 1mm closed cell neoprene core to both warm and cushion your foot. That means no blisters.
    • Compression effect boosts circulation in calves and feet.

      SNOW SOX are available in a variety of form fitting sizes:

      Have a look at the chart below and if you're right on the cusp of two sizes, check out our sizing page for more specific information on finding the best match for your build.


      Product Care Instructions:

      • Rinse with fresh water after use
      • Don't bleach or machine wash

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      Frictionless sock.

      Flat stitch.

      Our frictionless exterior fabric means no more hopping on one foot to get in and outta your boots or waders. Flat lock stitched so you wont feel a seam rubbing either.

      Wiggle room.

      WADER SOX offer three layers of fabric for maximum insulation with minimal thickness. That means- you’ll still be able to wiggle your toes in your boot. We also just wanted to say ‘wiggle.’

      Warm wet or dry.

      These form-fitting and four-way stretch WADER SOX sandwich 1mm of neoprene between their interior and exterior layers. That means even if you’ve got some leaky boots, your feet are gonna stay toasty.

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