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Snow in your boots?
Introducing Explore More Thermal Crew & Merino Core

Thermal Socks and Gloves for Work and Outdoor Clothing

WETSOX doesn’t sell your everyday socks and active outdoor clothing—unless you spend every day in cold, water, or snow. Our high-quality thermal socks, gloves, and base gear are made to keep you warm and dry in the most extreme weather and conditions. In our selection, you’ll find thermal gear for your next winter hike, the perfect base layer for your next diving expedition, and much more.

100% Waterproof 100% Breathable

Explore More Thermal

Our new Explore More Thermal Line of thermal socks and gloves will keep you warm & dry even in the worst winter weather. Click below to learn more about our waterproof and breathable socks.

Get the benefit of Frictionless™

Why stretch out your suit and seams when you could get in & out of your suit and boots in seconds instead?

Work & Outdoor

WETSOX Work & Outdoor products were designed to support the task at hand. With features ranging from medium compression to keep you moving (Active Outdoor) to impact absorbing heels and max dryness (Work & Wear) each line was made to meet your specifications. All of our thermal gear is built for winter and beyond.


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